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Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

Broadform and non-owner car insurance are types of insurance coverage designed for people who do not own a car or drive on a regular basis, but need liability insurance when they do drive.

If you are driving a borrowed or rented vehicle and have an at-fault accident, this coverage is in place to help protect your liability.

A non-owner policy may be a good fit for you if:

  • You do not own a vehicle and borrow vehicles frequently
  • You don't own a vehicle, but rent vehicles frequently (short term, temporary rental)
  • You generally rely on public transportation, but may occasionally drive
  • You have a state requirement for a SR22 and are required to have insurance coverage, but do not own a vehicle

Non-owner Car Insurance Coverage
If you cause an accident while borrowing or renting a vehicle, a non-owner policy would cover damages to the other driver’s vehicle as well as bodily injury for the other driver.

Non-owner coverage is not a full comprehensive policy and does not cover damages to the vehicle you’re driving. Most non-owner car insurance policies do not include coverage for property damage or injuries suffered by you in an accident.

Broadform and non-owner insurance policies are purchased on a “per-driver” basis so each person must obtain their own separate insurance.  Sometimes this type of coverage is also called "drivers license insurance" because only the person on the drivers license owns the policy.

Idaho and Washington require drivers with an SR22 to have auto insurance coverage.  If you have a DUI or SR22 requirement, but do not own a vehicle, a non-owner insurance policy is the most affordable way to meet the state requirement.

Our knowledgable agents in Parma and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho are familiar with the Idaho coverage requirements for non-owner and broadform policies.  Request a quote below, or contact our office in your area for more information.