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Farm Insurance

from Kuespert Insurance Agency

Farm Insurance

Farm insurance is a unique category in the insurance world, as it blends elements of personal and business policies to suit farming operations. If you have a farm in Washington or Idaho that you operate as a business, you'll need to have farm insurance coverage in place to protect your finances, equipment and other personal property. If, on the other hand, you use your farm solely for personal consumption, you can likely cover everything with traditional home, auto and umbrella policies. Here's what you need to know about farm insurance for commercial farming enterprises. 

Components of Farm Insurance 

While you'll be able to customize your farm insurance policy to suit your farm's specific needs, it will generally include the following common components: 

  • Property - This aspect of your coverage protects your home on your ranch property. It operates in much the same was as standard homeowners insurance, applying to the structure of the home, not its contents. You can also include coverage for a barn, silo, stable or other typical farm structure. 
  • Personal Property - Personal property coverage refers to your belongings inside your home, like furniture, appliances, clothing and other items. High-value items, including jewelry and artwork, may require separate coverage on top of your personal property coverage. 
  • Farm Property - This component protects a variety of other items you may have on your farm, including farming equipment, tools, livestock, animal feed and crops. The amount of coverage you'll need will depend on the extent and type of your farming operations. 
  • Farm and Ranch Liability - Liability coverage is one of the most important aspects of your coverage. If someone is injured while visiting your farm, liability protection can apply to their medical expenses, saving you from having to use your personal or farm business funds. 

Your policy limits will depend on the overall value of your farm property and its operations. In general, you'll want to have at least enough coverage to fully replace any structures, equipment or other items that get damaged. If you can afford additional coverage, though, it is better to obtain as much as possible to give yourself the greatest protection and peace of mind. 

Customize Your Farm Insurance Policy 

If you operate a farm in Idaho or Washington, the Kuespert Insurance Agency team will be happy to help you find suitable coverage for your unique needs. As independent insurance agents, we work with a wide range of farm insurance providers, making it easy for us to find the perfect policy for your farm. Call us at 208-664-9223 today to learn more about your options and start developing your custom policy.