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International Snowmobile Safety Week

While the snow has been a little slower in coming than usual this year, our regions of Washington and Idaho are starting to see more white on the ground. That means it’s a perfect time to join in on International Snowmobile Safety Week to brush up on snowmobile safety information and training resources.

Snowmobiling can be a great activity for those long winter months and a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. But as with any activity, the most important thing you can do to prepare for your snowmobiling adventure is to make sure you’re prepared to have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Remember to ride safe and smart with these safe snowmobile tips:

  • Never drink alcohol or drugs before you go or while you are snowmobiling. 
  • Be familiar and knowledgeable about the snowmobile you are riding. Take the snowmobile for a short ride to learn the controls and how the machine operates before setting out on a longer adventure. 
  • Keep your snowmobile maintained. Review common maintenance of the sled before heading out on every ride. To better protect yourself and your machine, snowmobile insurance is available to buy from agents and companies in most states. 
  • Keep your speed in check. Stay at a safe speed for your area and always stay within legal and posted speed limits. 
  • Be aware of the trails and areas where snowmobiling is permitted and stay on those trails. Keep to the right on the snowmobile trails and be aware of other riders and machines in the area around you. 
  • Be familiar with the area, landscape and terrain. Know if there are any bodies of water or areas of excess ice to avoid. 
  • Know the weather report and conditions for the area you are planning to travel and the area in your commute to get there. 
  • Never ride alone and always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. If able, give someone a copy of a map with a plan of the trails and area you will be riding and give them information about your sled (make, model, color, etc) and the information of any vehicle you’re taking to the area where you will be starting your ride. 
  • Always wear a helmet and have proper clothing for riding and the weather conditions. 
  • Learn and practice survival skills and carry basic emergency and survival equipment.

For more information about International Snowmobile Safety Week and other snowmobile safety information visit these sites online:

Safe Riders!  Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program

Washington State Snowmobile Association Safety Program

State of Idaho Parks and Recreation Snowmobiling Page

International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association

Foremost Insurance Group Snowmobile Safety Tips


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