Homeowner Insurance

from Kuespert Insurance Agency

Homeowner Insurance

Your life centers around your home. For most residents of Idaho and Washington State, a home is your most valuable asset. That’s why Kuespert Insurance takes pride in offering customized home insurance policies with true value to our customers.

Your Options

A homeowners policy should be customized to fit your individual situation. Policies from Kuespert Insurance vary greatly in coverage options as well as limits and deductibles. Some of our customers prefer to keep lower limits and higher deductibles in order to maintain a lower premium. Other customers prefer to keep higher limits and lower deductibles so as to avoid a heavy financial burden in case a covered event results in serious damage to their home or belongings. Since we work with a wide variety of insurance carriers, Kuespert Insurance is able to provide homeowners coverage options to suit almost anyone. Standard coverage usually includes

  • Dwelling or property coverage to protect your home itself
  • Personal liability coverage to pay damages if you or a family member living in your home causes damage to another person or their property
  • Medical coverage to pay for medical treatment if a guest is injured on your property
  • Additional living expenses if a covered expense results in your home being uninhabitable
  • Personal property coverage to pay for repair or replacement of personal belongings damages, lost or stolen in a covered event

Special Coverage Options

In addition to providing personalized homeowners policies with standard coverage options, we also write policies for special situations. These coverage options include

  • Umbrella policies to extend limits
  • Scheduled property coverage to protect expensive or irreplaceable items such as collectibles, musical instruments, heirlooms and sports equipment both at home and away
  • Coverage for rental units
  • Vacant dwelling coverage to protect vacation homes, homes for sale and other homes that are uninhabited

You can get your free home insurance quote online today. To learn more about available coverage options or ask any questions you might have, please call our offices.